• Before : 61 KGs
    After : 45 KGs

    I've kept the weight off for over 6 years

    My name is Jenny I have now been using the Shapeworks products for 6 years. In my first 4 months I lost a total of 10kg. Later on I was staying healthy with Shapeworks throughout my whole pregnancy, I was using these products every single day to make sure the baby and I get good nutrition. After that I delivered the baby I lost weight again, this time 16 kilos in 3 months and I am so happy to say that I have now kept it off for over 6 years.

    Jenny Teo - Singapore

  • Before : 107 KGs
    After : 57 KGs

    I lost 50 Kilos in 11 Months

    Hello, My name is Natalee Bowen.
    A few years ago my weight ballooned to 107kg. I felt unwell, tiered, and ready to give up on diets.
    After trying everything I knew on the market I came across this truly life changing product, I call “The ultimate Fast Food.” The result….. Well a picture is worth a thousand words! Just look at me! If you have weight to lose this will amaze you.

    I LOST 50KG IN 11 MONTHS!! No dieting AND No exercise! “My energy went through the roof, I felt healthy and
    energetic and never hungry. I was still able to eat the foods I loved, didn’t have to count calories and I came down from a size 24 to a size 10!”

    Natalee Bowen - Australia

  • Before : 60 KGs
    After : 53 KGs

    Mother of 3, Incredible NEW Life

    I was a mother of 3 children, as a result, I look like fat \"yellow faced auntie\" with low confidence and hated myself and the way I looked.

    But now, just 6 months,I am now full of confidence, shape up from XL to S, lost 7 kg in weight and most of all, I can now buy new sexy dresses in size S and my husband love it.

    I kept my discipline and made it.... I am very happy now for a bright future. Therefore, I want to share with everyone to help all mummy get back their gorgeous sexy looks.

    Alicia Choo - Malaysia

  • Before : 280 KGs
    After : 97 KGs

    "I've lost 402 pounds and I feel great!"

    I weighed 615 pounds. My waist measured 80.5 inches around. I had sleep apnea. My legs and feet were so swollen that it made it very difficult for me to even eat and walk. My back hurt so bad that I couldn't even hold my little daughter Britney in my arms. I had given up and I thought I was gonna have no choice but to have bypass gastric surgery done.

    A month before the surgery, well, now my good friend and sponsor had the guts to approach me and introduce me to these Herbalife products that have not only changed my life forever but have given me a future forever.

    I got started right away with the weight management program along with Herbal Aloe and in my 1st week alone, I lost 28 lbs and gained incredible energy. 3 weeks into the program, I had lost 50lbs and most importantly, my sleep apnea was totally gone.

    I've been on these products now for over 19 months - I feel great, I'm wearing loose-fitting 36-inch pants and, I just made it, I've now lost 402 pounds and I feel great!

    Jim Poore - USA

  • Before : 92 KGs
    After : 73 KGs

    Full Self-Confidence when I am in shape!!

    My name is Doyer King. I am from Taiwan. I like desserts, rich flavor foods and late night snacks. These diet habits made me 92kgs and 40 inches waistline when I was 35 years old. J felt pressured when I walk up three floors. It was even depressing every time I saw someone who is fit and energized. When I started Herbalife nutrition weight management program, immediately I felt better energy. I lost 18kgs and 6 inches of my waist in 3 and half months! I maintained for 15 years now. I feel strong, healthy and confident!

    Doyer King - Taiwan

  • Before : 91 KGs
    After : 75 KGs

    I got my future back!

    I was an ex sportsman who was fat, fed up and falling apart physically and mentally. We found the products whilst looking for a work from home opportunity and I quickly saw and felt a change on the weight loss program. I lost 35lbs and 6 inches off my waist and was able to regain my fitness for the fist time in years. Now at 47 I compete as a triathlete and feel fantastic everyday. I will always remember how I felt the day before we found these products and know I will never feel that way again.

    Graham Smedley - United Kingdom

  • Before : 76 KGs
    After : 58 KGs

    Nothing is the same...

    At 24 years old, I was not exactly a “into dieting” kind of person and didn’t like to eat vegetables and salads, making every diet almost impossible...but I knew something was not going so well.
    I used to be very active and thin, the kind of person that could eat anything and not get fat but reality changed, not been so active anymore, I was actually gaining around 4 pounds every month!!! Worst was the fact that I was compulsively eating, hungry every 3 hours, waking up in the middle of night to eat.

    I was introduced to Herbalife by a friend and personal trainer, I decided to give it a try as it was good nutrition.

    “That was one of my best decisions ever!!!”

    “Right after I started taking the products I was really surprised that I was not feeling hungry all the time, I was actually eating less and even forgetting about food.

    I had a very serious anemia that was hard to control cause I can’t take iron medication , after 2 months using the Herbalife products my doctor was surprised when he saw my exams showing that I had no more anemia and it has been like that ever since!

    Within 3 months I lost 22 pounds and in total I’ve lost 40 pounds and have been keeping that weight off for more than 5 years.

    I always say that what was scaring me at the time was not where I was with my weight but to where I was going....”

    I’m very thankful that I found these products to change my health, my self-esteem and that now I can help others to achieve the same and even better results!!!

    Debora Sousa - Canada

  • Before : 85 KGs
    After : 75 KGs

    Used products during pregnancy

    I am usinf Herbalife since the last 9 yrs & have lost 15 kilos earlier with this product.
    But,there is more to share...,I have used these products all throughout my pregnancy & I have delivered a healthy Herbalife baby boy.
    Moreover,in just 2 months after delivering,I have lost 10 kilos.
    Thanks to the healthy breakfast & weight loss program.

    Anindita Dasgupta - India

  • Before : 56 KGs
    After : 62 KGs

    I gained 6 KG within 6 months!

    Before Herbalife, i was underweight, feel tired and be hospitalized twice for two years due to lung collapse.I was approached by a friend who advised me to use Herbalife, I seriously used the product in every single day, after taking for 6 months, I put on 6 KG, I feel more energetic, importantly, the lung collapse problem is not reoccur for 4 years. Thanks for Herbalife!

    ANG KHOON YONG - Malaysia

  • Before : 60 KGs
    After : 70 KGs

    Gained 10Kgs in 4 months

    I was under-weight and lack of energy before using these products. I started using the product in August 2000. In first 3 days I felt Boost of Energy. First Month I gained 2 Kgs and overall 10Kgs with these great products.

    Sangram Prusty - India

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