• Before : 115 KGs
    After : 85 KGs

    30kg Off, Hayfever Gone, No Arthritis

    I was a policeman and extremely fit. In 1981 I had a near fatal motorcycle accident in which I broke both legs and right arm. I virtually demolished my right knee, splitting it in half, accompanied by a compound fracture to the femur. The surgeons said that, because there was no lubrication between the bones in the joint, I would have to have my right knee fused when I was 38 - 39 years old.....bit of a blow, I was 22 at the time. Upon recovering from the accident, I was given a desk job and went from being fit and 73kg to fat and 115kg. My ‘six pack’ had turned into a ‘keg’. I was first introduced to the Herbalife in 1991. I took the products, but being very skeptical, told no-one what I was doing. Within three days people started to say things like, “you’re looking good, are you losing weight?” I was pleased, though still not convinced.
    I am a single father and when I got to see my son, I would sometimes take him to Hungry Jacks and have other ‘fast’ foods. Not all the time, but enough to ordinarily put on weight. I kept using the products and by the end of the month I had lost 6 kilograms. Over the following 7 months, I went on to lose a further 30 kilograms.
    About 2years after beginning the programme, I realised I had not had a hayfever ‘attack’ for a while. That was in 1993. I now live close to the city and tend to walk pretty much everywhere – something I should not be able to do given my injuries - and, unlike other people who complain about aches and pains when the rain comes or in cold weather, I NEVER have any problems with my knees no matter what the weather. I believe the XTRA-CAL and HERBAL ALOE CONCENTRATE go along way to keeping me ARTHRITIS FREE! I introduced JOINT SUPPORT COMPLEX to my programme and have noticed my right knee in particular bends with a lot more ease, and no creaks whatsoever.
    I now use ALL of the CELLULAR NUTRITION products.
    Thanks to these amazing products, I have not only lost over 30 kgs and kept it off, but as a bonus, and for me this even better than the weight loss, I now do not get hayfever, no matter what the weather and I have absolutely no arthritis.

    Garry Schilling - Australia

  • Before : 90 KGs | After : 82 KGs

    Sceptical doctor regains health

    I work as a medical doctor in regional Victoria. In July 1994 I was introduced to the Herbalife products as I had a few health problems – I was always tired, had a constantly blocked nose and often had sinus infections; I had a steadily increasing waistline – yet I was exercising well and I thought I was eating well also. I was a sceptical doctor when it came to ‘natural products’ – I really didn’t think these Herbalife products would have any affect on my health – how wrong I was! Two days into the program I experienced an ENOR-MOUS energy lift. Two days later my chronic nose and sinus problems had disappeared. Six weeks down the track—8kg (and 17cm) had gone as well .
    It is 2011 & I have now been taking these wonderful Herbalife nutritional products for 17 years. All the health benefits have been maintained, I still have great energy, I really don’t get viruses any more, and I have only had one antibiotic for my sinuses in the 17 years!
    Herbalife products are truly amazing health tools, so simple to take and so powerful! I will be taking these products forever!

    Rod Hanton - Australia

  • Before : 95 KGs
    After : 65 KGs

    Karinda lost 30kg and got her life back!

    Before finding Herbalife I was grossly overweight, always tired and on various medications for health issues such as Migraines, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Blood clotting, and I suffered from a nasty Skin Condition that kept getting worse with every medication the doctors put me on!

    After 4 months of being on the Ultimate Program and adding products Tang Kuei, Herbalifeline, Rose Ox and Xtra Cal to my daily regime, I had new blood tests done which showed outstanding results!

    To my amazement my conditions improved dramatically, and my Hematologist, Gynecologist and Skin Cancer Specialist all agreed I could come off my medications and stay on the Herbalife Cellular Nutrition products! They said the results I was getting were outstanding!!

    Since I started on the products I’m bursting with energy, I’ve lost 30kg, dropped 5 dress sizes and feel amazing every day!

    These products are truly life-changing in so many ways. Thank you Herbalife!

    Karinda Smith - Australia

  • Before : 85 KGs | After : 80 KGs

    Health Results with Herbalife

    Before Herbalife, I was working seven days and six nights a week and my health suffered as a result. My good friend Rodney Drory encouraged me to try the Herbalife products. Within the first 30 days I lost 5 kilos around my stomach, my energy levels went through the roof and the symptoms of my ulcer disappeared. To this day, I feel better than ever and absolutely love all of the Herbalife products.

    George Knight - Australia

  • Before : 114 KGs
    After : 81 KGs

    Find a new lease on life

    Before Herbalife we both wanted to improve our health, lose weight and increase our energy levels. We were working in Human Resources full-time and had very little job satisfaction or future promotional prospects. We were past retirement age and were facing becoming pensioners with only a small superannuation.

    Before I (Chris) started Cellular Nutrition, I weighed 114 kilos. That was in April 2010. For the last twenty years or so, I had been fluctuating between 106 and 118 kilos and had a constant struggle with my weight. I suffered from high blood pressure, cholesterol along with heart problems (atrial fibrillation) and was a marginal diabetic (type 2- tablets controlled) and had an open sore on one of my big toes for a couple of months that would not heal.

    I started on a Cellular Nutrition program in May 2010, taking all of their products each day. By December 2010, I had lost 33 kilos and three sizes in shirts and trousers. My cholesterol level is 3.4. The open sore on my big toe completely healed after only a few weeks on the “Cellular Nutrition” program.

    I feel twenty years younger and have fantastic energy! The best part of all is: My Doctor told me that I AM NO LONGER A DIABETIC!!!

    Johanna has lost 18kg, now friends and family have commented that they we look terrific, look younger and appear much happier and more confident. The amazing thing about the result including weight loss, energy levels and skin appearance.

    Chris and Johanna - Australia

  • Before : 61 KGs
    After : 56 KGs

    Knee Problem,Migraine,Menstrual Pain,Weightloss

    I was having trouble recovering from a ligament

    reconstruction of the knee, one year after the operation.

    Being a Personal Trainer this was frustrating!

    After being on the products for twelve weeks my knee strengthened and I was running with my clients again.

    I have also suffered from migraines and bad menstrual pain since I was thirteen years old and am no longer experiencing those problems.

    As a bonus I lost 5kgs in 4 weeks, which reshaped and toned my body.

    Susan Smith - Australia

  • Before : 144 KGs
    After : 106 KGs

    Weight Loss, Chronic Fatigue, High Cholesterol

    Physical Education teacher and Sports Coach.
    Suffered my 20th major traumatic Brain Injury in 2001.
    Same time a family break up and became a solo Dad.
    Always Tired, Had Chronic fatigue as a symptom following head injury, High Cholesterol and Arthritic Knees. I would wear braces if walking a any distance outside of the house
    Always wondered where the energy would come from for the next day.
    Slept most afternoons for an hour and a half to cope.
    Immune system would often crash and take 2 to 3 months for energy and immune system to recover. Could not afford to catch a cold or the flu
    Also suffered from Menieres disease where the dizziness was so bad I would be vomiting from the pain and the disorientation, lasting for a few days, with prescription heavy metals to fix.
    Struggled to do basically anything, let alone exercise. Followed very strict eating to attempt to improve health Nothing Happened
    STARTED USING THE HERBALIFE PRODUCTS as a skeptic early June 2009 very soon I had added all the products to my body. In the first 11 weeks during a weight loss challenge I lost 25.4kg and 30.5cm from chest hips and waist.
    I HAVE LOST 38KG AND 21cm from Chest; 17cm from Hips; and 35cm from Waist
    NOW NO NAPS during the day
    Easily bend over to tie shoes.
    Exercise freely and vigorously without affecting the immune system.
    ENERGY levels are now better than when in my 20’s.Blood tests in September 2009 had Cholesterol levels in the very healthy range.
    The Life insurance company removed the 100% loading on my life saying no longer applicable.
    Only 1 attack of dizziness now in 10 months lasting about 10 minutes.
    Now walk very freely without having to wear the braces all the time and pain is reducing
    Thank you to my daughter for encouraging me to join a weight loss challenge and Herbalife for the vehicle to add years back on my life with good health and enjoy my family and friends for many years ahead

    Eric Zadow - Australia

  • Before : 67 KGs
    After : 55 KGs

    I lost 12 kg in 3 months, from size 14 to size 10

    No more cellulite, no more low blood pressure and low iron levels but best of all.....
    I used to catch every cold and flu, indeed every virus that was around and I would often cough and sneeze even in summer. My immune system is now much stronger and even hayfever is a thing of the past.
    Before Herbalife I was often tired and lethargic, now I feel great and full of energy every single day!

    Renie Garnaut - Australia

  • Before : 63 KGs
    After : 60 KGs

    Improved health and enegry, lost 2.5kgs and 27cms

    Before using the incredible Herbalife products I was tired, bloated, had bad varicose veins and adult acne, since using the incredible Herbalife Products for good health, I am no longer bloated, my varicose veins have improved, my acne is undercontrol and my energy is through the roof, best part is I lost 2.5kgs and 27cms of bodyfat.

    After a couple of years using the incredible Herbalife Products I became pregnant with my son Tristian, I used the Herbalife products all through pregnancy. I didn’t experience what you would call a normal pregnancy as I didn’t experience cravings, I didn’t get any stretch marks and no aches or pains, didn’t put any weight on besides baby weight and I had fantastic energy all the way through. I had a c-section and I didn’t require any pain medications as I was using additional targeted products to assist with the recovery process of the c-section. My scar is barely visible now. I also use the Herbalife Products while I was breastfeeding also.
    After giving birth I went back to my pre baby body shape within 2mths.

    I have never looked back, I love these Incredible Herbalife products.

    Thank you Herbalife.

    Amy Hocknell – amy@advanceyourhealth.com.au
    Adelaide SA

    Amy Hocknell - Australia

  • Before : 96 KGs
    After : 73 KGs

    A bright and energetic future!

    Message from Lynda

    Before I started this program, I was a size 14 bordering on 16 and overweight. I had been on sinus medication for several years, had acne from the age of 20 and took antibiotics on a regular basis. I suffered with arthritis in my hands, a lower back problem, stress related stomach aches and the onset of migraine. I started on the products, lost 6kgs & a dress size and a half in 6 weeks, energy to burn, arthritis, sinus problems and migraines vanished, but the best result of all was no more acne. Herbalife has provided me with products that support my metabolism and are natural, nutritional food supplements. I am getting all the balanced nutrition that my body needs every day. I am currently 61 years old and I have more energy than I have had in years.

    Message from Julian

    I am currently 60 years old. My background is in farming, small business and army. It was during my service with the SAS that I suffered some injuries that led to arthritis and 80% disability rating with the Veterans Affairs. I was in a downward spiral of poor health. I had been plagued with the symptoms of Diverticular Disease for 25 years, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, acne on my face and back since 13 years old, my sinuses had been blocked for 8 months and the doctor had forecast facial surgery, I was some 20 Kilos overweight at 96 Kilos and to top it off I had been on medication and pain killers for 16 years for Arthritis in my back, knees and right foot.
    I could not see how I could break this cycle as I was hungry all the time, my blood sugar would crash leaving me desperate for mars bars and coke so I was convinced I could never "diet".
    I started taking Herbalife, all the nutrition products, for weight loss. On the 3rd day I experienced a really big increase in aliveness and energy, I was not hungry and my blood sugar stabilised. By the end of the first month I had lost 7 Kilos; by the end of the second month 10 Kilos in total. During this first 2 months my sinuses cleared up completely, my acne faded away, my sense of well-being and aliveness continued to improve. After 5 months on Herbalife I came off of all arthritis medication; I was able to sleep normally, walk up and down stairs and wear shoes.
    I have gone on to lose a total of 20 Kilos of fat and gained 4 Kilos of muscle. the arthritis has stabilized and a recent colonoscopy report showed my blood pressure is normal (113 over 64), my cholesterol is normal, and there is "almost no evidence of Diverticular Disease" (quote from the colonoscopy report).
    Today I am 23 Kilograms lighter than I was 15 years ago; in fact I am the same weight and waist size that I was at 26 years of age when I completed my SAS selection courses.


    Julian Anderson - Australia

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